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    Dash border on rectangle showing as solid line, why do dashes only work for line paths?




      I have Fireworks CS5 and am trying to render a rectangle with dashed border (like the kind you'll see around newspaper coupons).


      I normally use "Edit Stroke > Options > Dash" to set a line with the exact "On/Off" ratio that I need, but for some reason this seems to only work with line paths, but not with rectangles.


      I'ver also tried the built-in "Dashed > Basic Dash" Line style, but the dashes are blurry for anything bigger than 3 px (and one cannot customize the gaps).


      My version of Fireworks CS5 is ver 11.0.0484 on Mac OSx 10.6.5. Are other users also experiencing this? If so, does anybody know of a workaround?


      Any assistance will be appreciated.




      - Alan