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      I am attempting to write a <cfldap> to change the password in our Active
      Directory. I am getting this error:

      An error has occured while trying to execute modifyDN :cn=rhbork,ou=Faculty
      and Staff,ou=Email Exchange ADC,dc=avemarialaw,dc=edu: [LDAP: error code
      64 - 00000057: LdapErr: DSID-0C09080A, comment: Error in attribute
      conversion operation, data 0, v893 ].

      Can anyone see what I am doing wrong. Other than the dc and username and
      password, all information is how it appears in our directory (as best I

      Anything glaring?

      <cfldap action="ModifyDN"
      DN="cn=rbork,ou=Faculty and Staff,ou=Email Exchange

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          Michael Level 1
          This may not be much help, but the attribute is unicodePwd. You may need to do some conversion into a format that the unicodePwd attribute will accept. Also, I think you need to use an SSL LDAP connection before AD will allow a password change.

          Regardless, you would use the modify action, not modifyDN. You are basically modifying an attribute, not the DN, itself. You use modifyDN when you want to rename the account DN or move it to a different OU in AD.

          There are a couple easier ways to change a password: 1. VB COM object, 2. CFEXECUTE a bat file using the "NET USER" command.