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    using dreamweaver to make drupal theams

    iconofsin14 Level 1

      I have done a bit of reading up on creating your own drupal templates,

      these are 2 documents which i have read




      These documents make it look as if it is little more than creaing a layout as you would a normal HTML file but DIVs are used to set the drual "regeons" and you paste the PHP snippets which represent drupal "blocks" where you want them.


      I have a few questions
      1) Is it actually quite easy to do?
      2) I struggled with drupal a few months ago and gave up on it, the problem was that I started with the admin login page and was trying to figure out how to make a webpage from it but all I could do was add content to predefined areas. I am now starting from the front end page itself and thinking of drupal as only being a means to modify the content. would other people agree that this is the better way to think when learning drupal?
      3) I have drupal 7, the documentation refers to drupal 5+6. would the drupal 6 guides apply to drupal 7?