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    Fed up with lack of support & continuing authorization problems!  Help please!


      I apologize that this is so long but this activations issue has been a long difficult process, and I welcome any and all help you care to offer.


      On December 30, I opened a support case with Adobe Digital Editions because I got an error message saying I had "too many activations".  In my query I told the technician that I was not surprised that I had gotten locked because every time I open the program the setup assistant comes up and I have to enter my information to "authorize my computer" just to open it.  The setup assistant clearly says that you only have to authorize one time, but that isn't how it worked for me.   They unlocked or reset my account, but gave no advice about the other issue.  I still have to authorize every single time I open the program.


      After weeks of back and forth (with my trying all their suggestiongs and none working) on the open case finally they sent a message requesting my phone number and the best date and time to call to resolve the problem over the phone.  Due to my 2 year old daughter I missed the call tonight (Jan. 20) from a man named Maneesh.  He left me a number (1-800-833-6687) to call him back which I did less than 5 minutes after he called me.  I was told that they do not service Digital Editions and I would need to contact the Adove Technical Support at 1-800-642-3623.  I called this number and was on hold for 50+ minutes. Finally a young man whose name I cannot pronounce told me that because Digital Editions is a free program that they receive no training on that product and that I would need to go online and open a support case to get help with my issue.  WTH?????  I explained to him four times that I already have an open support case and he kept telling me that Adobe doesn't offer support on this product because it is free.  Finally I asked to speak to his supervisor, and a woman came on the phone.  She took my OPEN case number and told me that she would forward my information to the correct department so that someone from another department can call me on the phone and tell me what my next step will be.


      Basically I have been jerked around for weeks by these people who treat me like an idiot for trying to get some assistance with this problem.  Of couse to top it all off, tonight (while waiting nearly an hour for the tech support who couldn't help me) I borrowed an ebook from the library and when I tried to open digital editions to transfer it to my Nook Color I had to of course- AUTHORIZE MY COMPUTER.  And once again I got the "TOO MANY ACTIVATIONS" error.  I am locked out of my program once again.


      Does anyone have any advice to share?  Can you help me determine why DE is asking me to authorize everytime I open it?  How do I stop that?  If I can't stop it am I doomed to a circle of getting locked out and opening support cases?  Will they eventually stop resetting my account?  After the ordeal tonight I am tempted to ditch the whole program and everything Adobe we have, but the eReads and Overdrive program that public libraries use work with it.  Or do any of you have another program?  Please share your experience with me- I am at wits end!