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    Replacing Image on Button , results in vary of  display of the TextInput .

    kiran7881 Level 1

      Hi ,


      I am working on an existing Application , which is built under Flex 3 .


      As i am doing some enhancements to the existing Application , as part of it when i tried to add this below Line , which will server as data provider to my ToggleButtonbar .


      <mx:Array id="menuArray">
              <mx:Object label="People Search" icon="@Embed(source='/images/final/contexts.PNG')"/>
              <mx:Object label="System Search" icon="@Embed(source='/images/final/contexts.PNG')"/>


      Now the problem is that ,


      If i add these Images , it displays correctly ,, and if i replace these IMages with any Other Images , there is a lot of variation in TextInput display .


      Please let me know , why is it so , what might be the problem .


      Thanks .