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    How to start with Camera Raw (basics)

    Fred K. Level 1



      I'm a beginner.....in ACR.... camera: Panasonic DMC FZ8.

      What steps must I do to begin editing images in ACR?


      for example:

      - What you see is what you get.......

      - adjusting colors for monitor en images to see what I get.... color difference between what's going in (the image on screen) and what's going out (the final picture on paper)...calibrate?


      - how I must understand the preset values in ACR (for example: sharpnes / noise / contrast etc).... are they "enough" to get a good picture (on paper).

      - if I afterwards make a correction in PhotoShop (where the image is converted to) is that making the image worse (<>compared RAW-editing).

      - colordepth and dpi .... to make a picture (normal format.... < 18 x 24 cm paper)

      - ......may be more.......


      - until this moment .... my developed images in ACR have more noise / less sharpnes / sometimes flat colors then the JPG-iamge that is made in the same shot.



      Please a good advice