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    Embedded SWF - Movie Not Loaded


      I have a client for whom we've done a number of video in PDF pieces.   For most users everything works fine; however for one group there seems  to be a number of problems occurring.
      The files are published for Acrobat 7 compatibility, using the legacy rich media, with the media being Flash 9 SWFs.
      The client is running Windows XP, I believe they are just now upgrading  to SP3 with IE 8.  I got in on a Live Meeting with on of their people,  who was has Flash Player 10.1, Adobe Reader 8.1.4 and Adobe Acrobat  7.1.x installed.  Installs are all pushed from corporate IT.
      When (some of) the users attempt to open the SWF movies, the external  Flash Player window opens, but displays no content, instead the area  where the content should be is blank white.  I had them right-click and  in addition to the "Flash Player 10" menu entry and only other thing  visible was a "Movie Not Loaded" entry where the right-click menu would  normally be.
      I have been unable to replicate this; however I am suspecting that it is  either due to some registry settings for Acrobat that are being pushed  out, or possibly some other security software.  If anyone has any  experience with this please let me know.
      Also, yes, I would love it if they would upgrade, but I believe they are  planning to only switch to the latest Acrobat when their current  installs are EOL'd

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          pwillener Level 8

          I am not sure how Flash works when embedded in a PDF i.e. if Flash Player must be installed separately, or if the Reader plugin (C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\plug_ins\Multimedia\MPP\Flash.mpp) is sufficient.


          You mentioned "Flash Player 10", so there is the possibility that the installed Flash Player may be used in addition to the Reader plugin.  In that case the question comes up: which Flash Player, the ActiveX (for Internet Explorer) or the browser plugin (for other browsers like Firefox)?


          Can you experiment with that, e.g. uninstalling all Flash Players in a test environment, and see if you can still play the embedded SWFs?  If not, install either ActiveX or plugin Player, and see which one is used?



          FP uninstaller: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/141/tn_14157.html

          FP installers: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/fp_distribution3.html

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            Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Legacy media (which is the only thing you can create if you're targeting below Acrobat 9) uses the *external* instance of whichever renderer has the registered class handler for the file extension in question. It may be Flash Player, but in some rare cases users will have another program handling SWF files. There is no embedded copy of the Flash Player runtime in Acrobat or Reader prior to 9.


            Legacy media has both technical and security issues, and as such it has been depreciated in the current versions and is blocked by default. If an external player instance has been created then the multimedia trust has been granted (either by the user or because their version of Acrobat/Reader is too old to care), but the handoff between the external player and the Acrobat/Reader process can be affected by security in the Flash Player model.


            In Acrobat/Reader 9 and later, all native rich media annotations (SWF, audio and video) will play through the embedded Flash Player runtime, irrespective of what else might be installed on the user's system. This ensures security is preserved, as the sandbox rules for the embedded runtime are significantly tighter than for the standalone version.


            It is possible to switch a rich media annotation into a legacy media annotation in Acrobat 9, which will then revert to the external player, however the ability to create legacy media has been removed from Acrobat X.



            In this case, without seeing the PDF file I can't say why it's not working.

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              rrsIPOV2 Level 1

              Thanks.  We have finally gotten someone in the client's IT department to

              agree to take a look at this. Hopefully they will be able to shed some light on this.


              As I noted in my original post, the client is currently NOT using Acrobat 9 or X, so using the new, native Flash support is unfortunatly not an option at the moment.