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    Use of effects lightens background color?




      I am trying to create an image that has a circle with wording over it.


      The color of the circle is very important because it is centered off of the canvas in order to create a rounded edge for a rectangle when placed next to this rectangle on our website.  Therefore they have to be the same color.


      The problem is, whenever I try to put the desired effects onto the wording (i.e., Drop Shadow, Guassian Blur - in light colors like white and gray) it lightens up the color of the circle except for the edge of the circle.  The color code stays the same.


      So, when I add it to the rectangle on our website it is a slightly different color than the rectangle on our website.


      I have tried everything I can think of - including making the wording a separate image and important the GIF - it still does it.


      Does anyone know a fix for this?


      Thank you,