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    PP CS5 Video Exporting as choppy.  HELP!

    JPOV Photo

      I am running PP on a MacBook Pro with the i7 processor.  I have edited and exported a ton of videos with no problems- most of them include projects from After Effects as well.


      Video's are shot using a 7d,5dmk2, and contour camera.

      I am mixing some 24p and 60p footage- but interpreting properly and haven't had issues before.


      I am using the following plug-ins:

      Colorista 2


      This edit is the first time I have used Twixtor



      I am now working on another video and now running into major issues on export.  On export of this video it is so choppy I can't watch it.  The export is in h.264.  I have tried exporting as Vimeo HD and Youtube widscreen HD.  It plays perfect on my machine in Premiere Pro prior to export.


      Anybody have any ideas?