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    Flash Project Pointers


      Hi guys,


      I'm definitely a Flash noob and would really appreciate some guidance with a few things:


      I'm making videos for an instructional program. This involves importing audio, images, animating those images, etc. I'll be exporting to flv format at the end, and then converting them to MP4 for downloads online.


      Here are TWO important questions that I need answered:


      1.) Should I be using ActionScript 3.0 or ActionScript 2.0 for this?


      2.) When I try to import audio, the whole audio file doesn't show up immediately in a new layer that I've created. It only goes in the blank keyframe that I've inserted. How do I import the audio so that the entirety of it shows up?


      Any help with these questions would be great.



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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          Unless you're using a version of Flash that only has AS2, you should be using AS3. If you have AS3 available, use it. If you're just starting out, there is nothing to be gained by learning anything at all about AS2 other than you should not be using it.


          When you import a sound file, it is placed in the Library of your movie. You can attach a sound file to the timeline at any keyframe. This is a less than optimal method for playing sounds as you have no control over them when they play in the timeline. In any case, if the layer that holds the keyframe where you attach the sound file has no additional frames, you will not see the extent of the sound file. It will still play. You can extend the frames in that layer, or the whole movie to allow the full extent of the sound file to be shown in the timeline.