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    Premiere Elements 9 makes my computer crashing


      Dear all,


      I recenty putchase premiere elements 9 (with serial number) and it crashes, not only the progran but it makes my computer crashing (new start).

      I'm running the program under win 7 64 bits with a Athlon II X4 640 and 4GB RAM.

      I thought at the begining that the problem was due to CPU overheat but I checked the temp before the last PC-crash and it was about at 45°C, so that cannot be the reason for the computer to crash.


      It already happened twice this week during replay of assembled videos coming from my camera (panasonic DMC-FX37).


      The computer doesn't have any problem with other programs (incl. games).


      I updated the program to the latest version proposed by Adobe (ie. 9.0.1 I think).


      Does anybody else have that kind of issue with PE9 ? Is there any solution (like running the program in compatibility mode) ?

      Thanks in advance for your help.