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    Premiere cs5 problem preview with mpeg 2 file

    radiotest Level 1


      i've another question

      i open a new premiere cs 5.0.3 project with a matrox sequence lower filed

      i import a dv tape from matrox firewire, and edit the file and export an mpeg2 file, everithing seems work fine, but...

      if i import this mpeg2 file in premiere and i put in a timeeline it's impossible to see it clearly in a jvc external monitor i try to change the field but nothing change, only solutions is to activate flicker removal but doing this i loose quality

      i try another project with file from canon 550,
      i open a matrox 720p hd sequence and put on timeline the file and everything seems work fine and the output external monitor is ok but if i export into mepg2 file and i try import this mpeg 2 file in a matrox dv sequence is afwul and i have to set on filcker removal but so i loose quality



      my pc:

      win 7 64bit, matrox rtx2 hd, nvidia gtx 470, jvc external monitor, 12gb ram ddr3 premiere cs 5.0.3