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    Feedback on new camera for CS5


      We are upgrading our in-house video production equipment and I have been tasked with choosing a camera. I've heard that the Sony HDR-CX550V 64GB HD Handycam Camcorder works well with Premiere Pro CS5.


      Can anyone confirm that this is the case? Is file opening/importing easy from the built in memory to the Premiere software? Are there any conversion issues? Anything at all that would prove diffcult for getting the footage from the camera into Premiere and editing it?


      Thanks in advance for all of your help!

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          Kona Bob Level 2

          I have a CX550 and IMO it is a terrific little camera. I have mixed footage from the CX with EX1 and other pro cam footage without problem.

          I have used CX footage in projects with both CS4 and CS5 without difficulty.

          The camera comes with the Sony "Picture Motion Browser" software that makes importing the footage simple and automated.

          Once the footage is in the computer, you import to Premiere in the usual manner.

          Just be aware that editing efficiently in the AVCHD codec with CS5 requires an up to date computer.

          Preferably an Intel i7, at least 12GB RAM, and an approved nVidea CUDA graphics card to utilize CS5's Mercury Playback Engine.

          If you have older hardware, it's an invitation for problems with AVCHD native editing.