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    Contribute equivalent for GoLive Co-Author

      As a soon-to-be ex-GoLive user, I am reviewing the potential for DreamWeaver and Contribute to replace GoLive's Co-Author feature. It seems overall that Contribute is a much more robust application than Co-Author and the client install is about a million times easier. So far so good.

      However, in GL/Co-Author, you could construct stories (in a Co-Author Section) containing fielded data that would populate more than one web page. The most common example is to create a list of news articles that contain a Header and a teaser and a link to a new page containing the entire story. Co-Author did a lot of the plumbing underneath for you. I don't as yet see how I can use Dreamweave/Contribute to accomplish the same thing, but I'm sure it can be done. Anyone have any ideas that they would be willing to share?