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      I would like to understand the behavior of the crossdomain.xml file. I understand the part why it is required. But the way it works in two of my flex applications is confusing. Could one of you help me to understand the issue here.


      One of my flex applications(e.ear), when it gets launched does not look for crossdomain.xml file and the application gets loaded without any problem or delay.


      Another flex application(t.ear), when it gets loaded, it automatically looks for crossdomain.xml. The question I have here,

           What in the code/flash player, would make the application to look for this policy file. I do not have any code that calls this policy file at the application startup method(init) or somewhere. Note that there is an instance in the code, with the loadPolicy statement, but that does not get executed until a page/window is called, after the application is launched.


      I don't understand why e.ear does not call this policy file, but t.ear does ?


      Since t.ear does not find the crossdomain.xml at the time the application is launched, it produces the error below, which I traced using HTTPWatch and aborts.


      + 5.406  ! 0.026 0 0 GET ERROR_INTERNET_SECURITY_CHANNEL_ERROR  https://m05678:8888/crossdomain.xml


      Also I am using http url to launch the application, but the network traffic shows https, when it tries to reach crossdomain.xml. I don't understand this redirect in the call.


      Please help me to understand these items.