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    CS4 InDesign Server hangs

    Josh Genti Level 1

      I've ran into a problem where the my CS4 InDesign Server hangs. 


      I'm adding pages dynamically using the JAVA API.  Basically I go through all the content, check to see if I've reached the ParagraphStyle that indicates the "end" of the document.  If not, I add a page, flow the content into a text frame on that page & check if I've reached the end.  If not I add another page.  And so on until I finally reach the end. But it ends up hanging while attempting to do this.  What's odd, it works the first 5-10 times, but it takes longer and longer each time it adds a page until around the 10th page or so, it completely stops.  I'm using the "duplicate(OptLocationOptionsEnum arg0, OptVariableType arg1)" method on the com.adobe.ids.layout.Page object.


      Any ideas?  I can provide sample code if it would help.