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    Dealing with web techs    Wonderful response


      I was having problems with my ADE.  I could download books to ADE but couldn't get them into the Nook. I keep getting error messages. I opened a web case.  When I posted I would get a note back the next morning.  Many suggestions in the past week.  Finally Wednesday, they asked for my phone number.  Today I received a phone call (from India).  The woman was knowledgable, and spoke excellent English.   She took over my computer and nook.  She solved my problem (complex).  I can't tell you how grateful I am. If a person takes the time to post a web case and tries their suggestions they will do their best to help you.  If you don't give up on them, they won't give up on you.  Many people just complain without following through.    If they can help a 74 yr old lady, I'm sure they can help you computer experts out there.