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    Loss of audio panning effects with timeline audio of Sync type "Stream"


      I have a Flash animation which is loaded into a parent master Flash file. In the animation, there is voice audio embedded in the timeline which is synced with a character animation. The Sync type of the audio is set to Stream, which is essential for the mouth movements to match the audio. When I try to pan the voice audio so that it comes only out of the right speaker, it sounds fine during preview playback, but after publishing, all of the panning effects are lost. If I change the Sync type to "Event" or "Start", the panning effects work fine, but the audio is terribly out of sync with the animation.


      The source audio is a mono audio file. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. I've tried changing the publish settings for both the parent and the child animation Flash files to be Speech, Mp3 mono, Mp3 Stereo and just about every other option, with no desirable results. I have also tried publishing and running the animation without loading it through the parent file, also no results.


      Is there some kind of rule in Flash about Stream versus Event audio and panning? Do I need to use a stereo audio source file? I don't currently have access to the original audio files, but I can get them. Are all Stream type sounds automatically converted to mono at runtime or something??


      Thank you thank you thank you