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    PNG File Error?!

    lbsimpson Level 1

      Hi all,


      I returned to an AE composition today after being away for about a week.  I had previously rendered all the compositions in Premiere with no hiccups and all included graphics visible and online, including the PNG file in question.  When I went back to finalize the project and export to a QT file, I discovered that the PNG file was offline, and when I went back to AE to fix the problem and reconnect the file I received the following message.  It refused to recognize the Photoshop modified PNG file that I wanted to feature, but I was able to succesfully import and utilize the original, non-modified PNG file.  Thoughts?



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          lbsimpson Level 1

          Okay, scratch my previous statement that the original, unmodifed PNG file was acceptable.  After running AME for an hour,

          After Effects decide to 'reject' the PNG file after all...PNG is an acceptable format to use correct?



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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            PNG is a format that After Effects can import and export.


            My best guess is that somehow the PNG file has become corrupted. Do other PNG files work?


            What version of After Effects? What operating system?

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              lbsimpson Level 1


              Thanks for the reponse.  Okay I was pretty darn positive that PNGs were acceptable.  Thanks for the confirmation.  I am running After Effects CS5 version 10.0 on a Windows 7 OS.


              Well the two PNG files I have referred to previously, one original and one modified in PS, are independent and the modified version was 'save as'ed  I had previously been in and out of this composition in the past couple of weeks before the error, and I would bet that you are right on with the corruption. It seems to functioning fine now.  Perhaps I will try re-saving the modified file under a new name, bring that into AE and simply copy/paste the transformations etc. to hte new layer.


              Thanks again,


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                Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                Be sure to install the After Effects CS5 (10.0.1) update. That update fixes a lot of problems. I know that there's at least one PNG fix in that update---though that specific fix probably isn't relevant to your specific issue.

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                  lbsimpson Level 1

                  Great thanks!  I will download and give that patch a try.  Hopefully it will prevent future mishaps!  Have a great weekend!