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    reader 9: big mystery about the search engine


      hi everyone,


      i've been trying to find out what's going on for a while now... and i still don't have the beginning of a clue


      here's what happens:


      i open a big pdf file, of a bit more than 1000 pages (it's a dictionary in pdf format), then i type a word in the search box, it starts searching, page after page (i see the evolution of the search in a little black window) and it takes some time before it finally finds the word, i mean a serious amount of time...


      "nothing surprising so far" i guess, at that time i was thinking that considering the weight of the document, the number of files and the tons of words in it, it would be normal for reader to take some time to do it's job


      but then, not to say suddenly, as i was searching for another word, the black window opened, but instead of telling me, one at time, wich page reader was currently looking at, it suddenly jumped to the right page where my word was, instead of searching for 5 minutes, it found the correct word within a second, and once it started acting like this it sticked to it. I mean now i can type any new word in the search box for this document, it finds it at the speed of light... even if i'm looking at page 1 and this word is in page 600 that has never been opened...

      what i'm wondering is simply WHY this difference? why at first the search takes minutes, and suddenly it's almost immediate, for any NEW word?


      i'd like to know what's going on there, because i opened another big pdf file, and the same thing happened, slow at first, then immediate, but i couldn't know what seem to have changed something in the way reader is searching...


      that's a problem because i have anoter big pdf file that still has a slow search, and i would like it to benefit from the same miracle, but as long as this thing is a mystery, i can't cause it to behave this way by myself, so for now i watch every pdf i open, hoping to understand what's going on...


      i know this may sound stupid but... in fact i hope this is a stupid question and that someone will explain me why!


      thanks for reading me, thanks for your help!



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          CtDave Level 5

          For Adobe Reader, go into Preferences:
          Edit > Preferences > Search


          The Fast Find option is enabled by default (with a 100 MB Cache).
          This makes future searches faster by storing information about PDFs used often.

          "Find" checks each word against the "Find" query. The first go, it takes a while for large PDFs.
          Until "bumped" out of the Cache, subsequent "Find" of a document is faster.


          With Acrobat Pro one or more PDFs can be processed into a Catalog Index which supports advanced Search (and faster response to a query).

          Alternatively, an individual PDF can be provided with an embedded index.

          Either index type can be utilized by Adobe Reader.

          Be well...

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            deuns0615 Level 1

            thanks for your answer, i knew it couldn't be that big a mystery!


            i did the experiment yesterday: i did several search in a big document, and everytime it started to look at every page slowly. Before going to bed i did a last search, it was still looking at every page, so i stopped the process immediately. I left the computer switched on with reader running and the document open, (but no operation was processing), i just left everything like it was and went to bed. Today when i woke up i went to my computer, typed a new search in reader, and it found the word immediately.


            my big wonder, because i'm a curious kind of person, is what happened during the night? reader said to itself "ok now we're alone, nobody's asking me this or that, i have plenty of time to analyse this whole document and fill up my cache memory before the guy wakes up"?


            it looks like i just have to let reader run without asking anything, and after a while it knows every word in the document, how can it possibly do that?


            i'm just wondering, i like to understand how things work... if you have a minute to explain to me!


            thanks again