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    New Project Box


      I try to start a New Project and a box appears.. New Project.. I enter a name then it won't let me do anything else. It is frozen and I have to close it. How can I start a new project?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          First, can you provide us with more info? This ARTICLE will give you tips on what would be so useful, especially your system. Obviously, the requests for info on the Project, or source files, as you have not gotten that far yet.


          Also, here is a general checklist to go down:


          • Download and install the latest Windows updates, or Mac OS updates
          • Download and install the latest video and audio drivers from the mfgr's.Web sites
          • Download and install the latest version of Apple's QT Player


          Good luck,



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            PhotoCrazyLady1963 Level 1

            I checked and have latest updates and drivers.  I am running Windows 7 and have a Lenovo Computer.  I can get the video from the viewer into Photoshop Elements 9 but not into Photoshop Premiere 9.  The box that comes up wants a project name: Which I can enter .. then shows Save In: ....Premiere Elements 9. Project Setting: NTSC-DV Standard 48KHz.  Then a box for Change Setting .. OK >> Cancel.  After I enter the Name it won't let me do anything else.  Hope this gives you enough information to help me.  Thanks

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              nealeh Level 5

              You need to go back to the article Bill linked you to - especially the first section "System". e.g. we have no idea of what disk drives you have, how much total / free space (and whether or not fragmented), Processor, Sound Card, Video Card.


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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                You don't say if you're on a Mac or a PC so it's hard to offer specific advice.


                But have you ensured you have at least 20-30 gigabytes of free, freshly defragmented space on your hard drive? The program needs at least that much in order to even open.