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    Contact form: Enter Key to new line?


      I'm more of a designer than a coder but I'm trying to learn some actionscript.  For my website which I build in flash catalyst I want to have a contact form.  I have the form all ready.  The only problem is when I tested it upon pressing the return key nothing happens in the message box.   I would like the return key to go to a new line so that the user isn't writing in the same line.

      This is the code that I have:


      bSubmit.onRelease = function()
      function email()
          var sMessage = "Name: " + tName.text + "\nE-mail: " + tEmail.text + "\nComments: " + tComments.text + "\nPhone: " + tPhone.text;
          lvSend = new LoadVars();
          lvReply = new LoadVars();
          lvSend.msg = sMessage;
          lvSend.address = "services@wedesignstuff.me";
          tName.text = "Sending Message...";
          tEmail.text = "";
          tComments.text = "";
          tMobilen.text = "";
                  tName.text = "Thanks for contacting us.";
          lvSend.sendAndLoad('mail.php', lvReply, 'POST');