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    httpservice url property problem


      hello everyone


      I need to include non latin characters in my httpservice url property. It points to a file. (http://www.myurl.com/nonLatinCharactersInFilename.xml)And its giving me errors.

      When I check the error, the url appears like so: http://www.myurl.com/??????????????????.xml

      Im using these character set everywhere in the code and there are no problems except when im sending the httpservice call.

      I also have same characters in the result event. and theres no prpblem with that.


      Any ideas how I can include these file names in the url property? or is there another way?


      In my app the user clicks a list (of file names with non latin characters) and an http service is sent to load the corresponding file to a richEditableText component.

      every thing except the non latin character part works fine


      any help in the right direction will be appreciated.