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    Problems with slices... possible user error occuring


      Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to view and read this.  I'm relatively new to this so please bear with me if I'm being specific with the way I explain things.


      I'm designing a web page in Fireworks and I'm experimenting with frames.   I have my main page and all it's elements in the first frame.  The button rollover pictures are in the 2nd frame.  Frames 3 - 5 contain text in the middle part of the page (my content box) which is referenced by 3 of the navigation buttons.


      If I reference the buttons to display their respective frame, everything works fine.  No issues.  I can navigate backwards and forwards.  The slices and frames work as they should.   However as soon as I add the rollover behaviour things go wrong.   The rollover images are working, and on click the content frame is displayed, however when I move the mouse off the button the frame reverts back to the index page. 


      I have a feeling I'm not sharing the necessary layers I need to share amongst frames...   but I could be wrong.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


      Thanks again



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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          If you are just builidng a protoype, you can try editing the behaviors you've applied, so that the

          image doesn't swap back on mouseOut, but I think it will be easier (and you'll have better luck) if you use pages, rather than the last three states of a single page.


          Sharing the file would be helpful, so all can get a better look at what you are doing.

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            123456456123 Level 1

            Thank you for the reply Jim.


            Apologies for not providing a link or file.   You can take a look here at the work in progress http://www.meandmypc.co.uk.   Thoughts welcome on layout, design and the coding.  I simply exported straight from Fireworks and uploaded the files (with only minor page properties edits in Dreamweaver).


            The buttons are now linking to seperate pages rather than a slice within another frame.  Seems to work fine.


            I'm about to read the tutorial on preparing a fireworks layout for css.  There are quite a few images that my pages are referencing and currently it's taking me and age to upload them all (my FTP uploader probably doesn't help matters - it's incredibly basic).  I'm sure this would be simplified a great deal once the pages are segmented and formatted with a style sheet in Dreamweaver.   I'm still learning.


            Thanks again


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              Jim_Babbage Level 4

              The best thing for us to see is the actual Fireworks PNG file.