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    Reader X on Windows - Save button stops working for PDFs in browser if open back to back PDF files.

    Morac Level 1

      I'm using Firefox under Windows XP SP3 and I'm noticing problems saving PDF files opened in a browser page, such as those at financial institutions.   Normally when I open a PDF I can click the "Save" or press CTRL-SHIFT-S to save.  The problem appears to occur if I open a PDF file and the two acrord32.exe processes are already running on my machine because I recently opened another PDF file.  In that case neither the save button or keyboard command works.   I have to close the page with the PDF file on it and either wait for the acrord32.exe processes to go away on their own or kill them.  Then I can open a PDF and the save button works.


      Steps to reproduce:


      1. Go to this URL (or any PDF on web) and press the save button, it will work - https://www.your-fundaccount.com/rotary/DownloadCenter/Sample.pdf

      2. Close the tab and then immediately open a new tab and go to the same URL and press the save button again.


      Expected Results:


      1. Save button should work.


      Actual Results:


      1. Save button does not work.


      Work Around:


      Either wait for the acrord32.exe processes to terminate on it's own or kill them before opening another PDF web page.