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    Showcase for user-customizable slideshow

    Aschen Puttel

      Dear forum,


      Some time ago I saw a professional business presentation from EA Sports. Before the slideshow started the presenter customized the presentation (live) and added several chapters (introduction, history etc.) through single klicks on the front page. The presentation was calculated and could start after short time.

      It consisted of flash animation, video, fotos, some texts, charts etc. As far as I know the charts were feed thorugh an xml-file and that is why they were up-to-date w/o the need of aditional programming.


      Let me say that I have very few knowledge on how Director works. Can you please tell me if this EA Sports presentation could have been programmed with Director. Unfortunately, EA Sports cannot provide the presentation as a copy. Do you have some showcases in your mind (showing the steps of customizing the slideshow) or could at least name some agencies that are able to provide help?


      Other characteristics of the slideshow: printable pdf-version, no additional hardware necessary (easy-to-go on an USB-drive), interactive links with social media sites (like updates of the slideshow being sent to twitter - not a must!!!)


      I am not a big fan of MS PowerPoint and want to find a new, time-saving way for the preparation of modern, innovative slideshows for my company. Really hope you can help with my query.


      Aschen Puttel