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    Performance issues

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      Hello everyone I have another newbie question on Production Premium Performance.  The problem at the moment is with CS5 Premier Pro.  I am have the strange problems and I would to know if it is normal or it is something with my setup. 

      Here is my setup Intel I7 930 @2.80 not over clocked, 24gb of memory.  I am using the onboard raid controller set for raid 5 using four Hitachi Deskstar HDS72101010CLA332 which is my D drive.  The C drive has OS and App on it which is a Western digital. Media cache File set D:\Media cache files Media cache Database is set D:\Media cache database\.  Rendering optimize for Performance.  So everything Media, Projects, Media, Media Cache, Previews, and Exports goes to the D drive.  I have the memory set for save 3gb for other programs. Here is the problem I have just complete my first good size project and what had notice was for example when I was scrubbing in the timeline there would be at least a five second delay and sometimes when I click on a clip in the project window it would take a few seconds for it to show in the upper preview window.  It almost seems like it has trouble finding the clip on the hard drive.  Now here is something crazy the longer I work on a project the smoother the better it gets. These our DV clips but I will be mostly working with AVCHD.  Any Ideas? Are the hard drives the problem?  Oh I also posted this in the Premiere Forum sorry about the doublem post.