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    CS5 Cross Dissolve Transition not from 0-100% WHY?!


      Okay, I have been reading different help forums and I've tried the options people have said and I'm getting no where.


      Enclosed is a clip to show an example of the dissolve problem:


      I have tried removing the opacity settings from the dissolve clips and it didn't change anything.  The cross dissolve filter IS NOT WORKING right.  Rather than going from a true 0-100% opacity it's looking more like from 10-100%.  This doesn't just hapen with titles, but any video transition as well and it looks more like a partial jump cut and very unprofessional.  It's even more noticeable on the fade outs.  Yes those are full dissolve filters placed and it looks like it fades out for a bit and then cuts off at about 10% opacity.


      I've been using Premiere for YEARS and by far this is one of the most annoying problems I have come across doing basic editing with the new CS5.  Everything else about it is great.  I just can't go forward on my projects with this problem happening.


      Here's my system specs:


      Win7 x64

      Intel i7 920

      12GB Corsair Dominator RAM

      BFG Nvidia GTX 260 O.C.


      Running 5.0.3.  Problem has been present since the first release all the way til now.  I end up having to re-open my project through CS4 to do an export of the project.  I've removed CS4 though now and refuse to go this route any further.


      Any help would be most appreciated.  I'm at my wits end with this issue.

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          You didn't mention it specifically, but I'll bet dimes-to-doughnuts that you've "hacked" your GPU to enable hardware MPE... right? Welcome to the Matrix...


          This is the result of 32-bit linear color processing, brought to us by virtue of hardware MPE.


          Read here: Battling Hardware MPE, Episode 2: Chunky Blurs. And here: Opacity Curves and MPE+GPU


          The only remedy is to not use hardware MPE; I leave it on for editing and disable it for final export. That, of course, comes with major trade-offs.


          When you're done, file a feature request for an option to disable 32-bit linear color processing here: Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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            wishstarmedia Level 1

            Actually this happens no matter what, and long before I tried any sort of Hack.  I was operating only on software MPE and it did the same thing.  I was hoping the hack might solve it, but no avail.  It's been consistent throughout with this problem.


            I will look at your link and try it and report my findings.  I appreciate the fast response!  Thanks!

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              wishstarmedia Level 1



              Well I'll be a Son of a B****.....  MONTHS and you got it. 


              In my program monitor I see the effects running fine in preview, no dropoffs.  I did an export with the MRQ off, but checked Max Bit Depth on in both 24-bit and 32-bit (tried 2 bit depths to see if there was a change in behavior), but the cross dissolves exported perfectly on both!


              The Maximum Render Quality is a misconception if that's what your report findings were.  That setting comes off as a maximum quality of rendering and not saying anything about "Use Hardware Engine" to export or software.  My though is who WOULDN'T want maximum rendering quality?!  That's why I never unchecked it!


              Your suggestion worked though and my video quality appears exactly the same, only now with all my transitions actually working the way they are supposed to.  The wait time to render is just the same too.  Have no problems now.


              Dude, you're the man.  I've been struggling with this since August.


              THANK YOU SO MUCH.  I'm filing a report with this.  This is ridiculous in all my years of Premiere troubleshooting.  WOW......