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    What is the max Captivate 5 project size?

    crewtraining Level 1

      What is the max allowed power point presentation size (including audio files and animations), if one wants to import it into captivate 5 and then published seamlessly?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          The answer to this question is eerily similar to the answer to the Tootsie Pop question of how many licks does it take to reach the center? Or, how long is a piece of string?


          According to Adobe, you should be able to create Captivate projects numbering in the hundreds of slides. I have heard as many as 400 slides or more.


          However, as with anything, there HAS to be some limitation. But I'm not sure anyone knows for certain what that limitation actually is with Captivate 5. Further, it likely varies from PC to PC. This is because one machine may be super fast and have gobs of free hard drive space as well as RAM, while another struggles to cope with the basics.


          Unfortunately the answer is likely to be, try it and see what you get.


          Cheers... Rick


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            crewtraining Level 1

            Hi Rick


            Thanks for the info, and this is a big problem especially when you import from power point (the one I have is 160 slides complete with 450 MB worth of audio flies!!).


            I also noticed that captivate uses a lot of RAM during import (at least 2-3 Gigs).


            Any suggestions on how to publish this project or if you know anyone who could help me with this? the alternative is to return Captivate and get my $900 back





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              brightonjon Level 2

              450 Mb? In a single course?


              That's got to be a whole (working) day of audio.


              I'm not in the least bit surprised you can't import it.


              Tell us about the structure of this presentation. What can you cut? Is the audio CD quality, and if so, why? Is it full of alternative branches which could each be imported separately into different Cp courses? Can you separate out the audio from the presentation, import into Cp without audio, then add the audio separately?


              If there really is no way to cut the size down, you could always try an alternative like Adobe Presenter which is specifically designed to turn Powerpoint into flash elearning. There are other alternatives too. But I wouldn't be surprised if they struggle too.


              And of course, this all assumes that you've got a delivery method planned that can cope with a course that big.

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                crewtraining Level 1



                Thanks, do you think Presenter will handle the size issue?


                Also, I could break it down to 3 modules, would this help?