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    Pixellation at cross dissolves


      Hey everybody...


      I've got a strange issue with AME..Primarily when i encode to Mpeg2DVD...

      It happens only when i've got black video that cross dissolves into the clip (fade from black)..


      I've tried encoding straight off the timeline initially...

      When i was unhappy with pixellation, i encoded out to an intermediary Matrox .AVI..This netted the correct results.

      So i attempted to re-encode via an intermediary, and voila!!!  Pixellation again.



      The preset was NTSC widescreen progressive.

      The quality slider set to 5, and bitrate set to 6.5 VBR..I've tried 2 pass, single pass, and CBR, but to no avail.


      I've encoded with other tools, and have never had pixellation issues. Only when using AME..


      Any suggestion???