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    Trouble importing AI file into ID...

    mrdior Level 1

      I created a letter-sized vector document in AI4 and now I want to import it into ID4 to data merge some text elements and output as a sequence of PDFs.


      The document itself is simple, so I guess I could have created it from scratch in ID... but I didn't. And I'm now finding that importing the vector graphics and text from AI is anything but straight-forward.


      I found this link here... but it confuses me a bit. All I want to do is import the simple graphics (no gradients, no patterns... just text, lines and underlying shaded boxes) and set some of the text fields as variables and then use data merge to date drive the variable text fields. Should I recreate the document in ID from scratch? Or is there a simple way to cleanly import the AI layers into ID?


      Note: As per the link, AI clipboard prefs are set such that 'Copy As' is checked for both PDF and AICB. And in ID, 'Prefer PDF When Pasting' is not selected.