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    Hugh Neale Level 1

      I ahve the following Array:

      _root.m = ["m_module1", "m_module2", "m_module3", "etc", "etc"];
      var modules = _root.m;
      if (_root.m == undefined) {
      var m_home = true;
      } else {
      var m_home = true;
      var mod0 = modules[0];
      var mod0 = true;
      var mod1 = modules[1];
      var mod1 = true;
      var mod2 = modules[2];
      var mod2 = true;
      var mod3 = modules[3];
      var mod3 = true;
      var mod4 = modules[4];
      var mod4 = true;

      But this dosne't work, I am trying to set variables the vailables to "true" where they are in the array. So, if module1, is in the array then module1 will be true.

      Many Thanks in advance