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    DVD blurry after burning


      I am new to Premiere Elements and I have a JVC HD video camera.  The video quality after burning seems like the digital is shakey when moving but on PC its good?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          You are starting with HD from the JVC, is that correct? Does that camera shoot AVCHD?


          Does your Project Preset match the source footage 100%?


          You mention DVD. Are you using PrE to down-rez your HD footage to SD for the DVD?


          It appears that you are then playing the DVD-Video on the computer, which has a high-rez monitor that is Progressive, where the DVD-Video will be interlaced. Is that where you are judging the quality of the DVD?


          Good luck, and please let us know just a bit more about your workflow and the settings,



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            Ted Smith Level 3

            Are you making a Standard or Blue Ray DVD?


            Are you judging it on your PC or on a TV set.


            If on your PC what DVD software player do you use to view it with?


            If on a TV, what type and brand of TV

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              Gojade Level 1

              I am not really sure the answer to your questions but here is what I did.  I uploaded video

              to my PC from the video camera and I can view the video in the Adobe Elements however,

              after I burn to DVD or view in Premier elements it is grainy and seems to be unstable with

              movement.  It seems better when I view the video on the DVD on the computer when I make the screen smaller.

              The only setting I changed was when it asked while burning the dvd on the quality to fit it to the DVD or better quality and I chose the top quality?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Which model of JVC is this?


                As most cameras have several different possible modes, which did you use?


                Also, if you did shoot HD (High Definition), and are then down-rezzing to SD (Standard Definition), you will see a pretty major quality loss.


                Some cameras allow one to set them to SD Lock, and the camera will down-rez. This is available in many miniDV HD cameras, shooting HDV. I doubt that your JVC is a miniDV HD camera though.


                Good luck,



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                  Ted Smith Level 3

                  What I meant is are you judging the DVD on your computer or viewing it on a regular DVD player into a TV set?


                  How does it compare with a commercial DVD?


                  Standard DVDs will alway look much worse than original HD on a Computer. The only way to match this on a TV set is to use a good Blue Ray player on a Full HD 1900x1800 TV set


                  "Shakyness" in DVDs can sometines be causes by shooting at a different frame rate to the final DVD. Eg 60p on a PAL25fps country.

                  Unfortunatley computers generally run at at least 60 frames in PAL countries as well so this shakyness is not seen on the computer.

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                    Gojade Level 1

                    ok I played with it some more and figured out that its the screen size.  If I make

                    the screen bigger on the PC it is more grainy .  But if I make the screen size little the quality is good.  I am using a standard DVD and was viewing on my PC also when I put the DVD in the DVD player the quality is horrible.  The model on my camera is JVC Everio HDD microSD.  Our TV is  a Sony Triton probably about 15 years old and the DVD player is a cheap memorex.  The PC I have is brand new Dell with I7 processor.  The video quality on my camera was set at ultra fine but there is a fine option and normal - do you think that is the HD and SD options?