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    E_AUTH_USERID_INUSE http://adeactivate.adobe.com/adept/AddSignInDirect


      I got a Nook for Christmas and as my local bookstore has an account sort of thing set up with Google eBooks I'd like to be able to buy through them (as well as get various free ebooks). However, every time I try to authorize ADE on my computer it gives me the above and an error stating that there's an issue communicating with AdobeID server. This is getting frustrating as unless I authorize ADE it won't recognize my nook and I can't put my books on my Nook. Is there anyway around this? I've tried to authorize it several different times over the past month and nothing's worked.

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          That particular error from ADE means that you initially activated ADE as an anonymous user, and are now trying to associate an AdobeID with that anonymous activation.  Unfortunately you are not able to use an AdobeID that has already been used (such as the one you used on your Nook).

          Your choices are:


          1.) Delete the anonymous activation (Win: Ctrl-Shift-D, Mac: Cmd-Shift-D) , and authorize with your current AdobeID.  This will mean that any current books that you have in ADE will no longer be readable.  You may be able to recover the content by redownloading from the bookstore, but that will depend upon the bookstore.


          2.) Create a new AdobeID, and authorize using it.  This will mean that your current content will still be readable on your computer, but you will most likely need to reauthorize your nook to the AdobeID (which may cause problems with the B&N software).

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            SUE415 Level 1



            I'm getting exactly the same message.  I originally authorised anonymously but do not want to delete this as I do not want to loose all of my purchased books.  I created a completely new adobe id but am getting this message when i try to authorise digital editions. 


            Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.