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    Installing RH 6

      I need to keep 5x on my machine for awhile longer. When I attempt to install 6, it does not give me an option to have both (and I understand the two versions can coexist peacefully). After I get to the point of entering the serial number/product key, I get a dialog telling me I HAVE to uninstall RH 5 to install RH6. The exact message is:

      "Setup has detected a previous installation of RoboHelp on your system.
      Setup cannot proceed without uninstalling it.
      Do you want to uninstall the previous version?"

      My option is to either click yes and uninstall 5X or no and abort the installation.

      I purchased RH 6 via download and the executable is AdobeRobohelp6_WWE.exe. I've tried the trick of extracting the files to a temp folder and clicking Setup.exe instead - with the same result.

      Apparently I'm special. Any clues as to how I can become "unspecial?"

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          CraigCC Level 2
          Hi Jo,

          Apologies if this has been been passed on to you already?

          I've just been informed that you can only run the two full versions (X5 and Robohelp 6) if you have two licences. If you just purchase an UPGRADE key then side-by-side installation is not allowed. You will be prompted to manually remove X5 to install RoboHelp 6.

          Hope that helps and sorry for not spotting it earlier on the HATT list.
          Kind Regards
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            Byrdwrites Level 1
            Looks like it's decision time, huh.

            Next question, how do I determine if this is a separate license or an upgrade?

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              1] The price you paid.

              2] The dialog you are getting tells you it is an upgrade.

              If you paid the full price but have this dialog, then somehow you downloaded the wrong version and need to take that up with Adobe.

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                Byrdwrites Level 1
                Just checked out the pricing on Adobe, and looks like I bought the upgrade.

                Guess it's decision time, huh!

                Thank you both for all your help. It's not the answer I wanted, but at least I know not to pound my head against walls when it isn't going to do any good!