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    Can't play Pogo's new Daily Hot Shots game but other flash games play fine.

      • I play games on Pogo and have never had a problem with their Flash Games until released Daily Hot Shots.  It doesn't load fully and I've done EVERYTHING I know to do to get it to play.  No errors show up.  I can play ALL the other flash games but this one.  When I right click, the name of the site's owners do not show up....I have the settings showing though.  Not all of the game loads and that's the problem.  I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling....tried a different browser and have the same exact problem.  THIS GAME WILL NOT PLAY.    No one else seems to have this problem AND POGO SUPPORT HAS NO CLUE HOW TO HELP ME!!


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          Mo-s Level 1

          What browser are you using , maybe upgrade it to latest version.

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            Kykat401 Level 1

            Comp Info:


            Windows Vista Ultimate

            IE 8

            ALL needed updates-PERIOD!!

            ALL needed AddOns-PERIOD!!

            Quad Core Processor

            8 gig memory

            NVIDIA Card for Graphics

            Cable Access for Internet



            I can't think of anything else to tell you about Comp.  Yesterday something really weird happened...I found ALL Shadow Copies that Vista makes of everything you do, deleted them.  Downloaded all new files for Shockwave and Flash Players...restarted between each install and each uninstall.  Probably not necessary, but was not gonna take a chance.  STILL wouldn't play the game all the way.


            So, I redid that whole process again, deleting and uninstalling all the players, restarting each time, etc.  Then I downloaded a one-off version of the Flash player.  I COULD PLAY THE GAME!!!!!!!  I got to play ONCE!!  Logged off the gamesite, came back later to see if I could play--COULDN'T PLAY AGAIN!!!


            Now, it's today, one day later and I STILL CAN'T PLAY.  I went thru all the above AGAIN...uninstalled, restarted all that again, now I have ALL UPDATED VERSIONS OF THE PLAYERS,  I still can't play!!


            I GIVE UP!!!


            HELP??  PLEASE, SOMEONE??


            Why could I play with an older version of the Flash Player ONE time, and then minutes later could not?  This makes no sense to me!!  I'm not a comp fool, nor am I ignorant!!  I HELP PEOPLE all the time!!  I feel so frustrated, I'm literally pulling my hair out!!!  This makes no sense to me, none!!!  What in the heck is going on??


            Message was edited by: Kykat401 I also did all of this after trying a new browser, Firefox, did all of that and still ZIP!!  I still couldn't play.  Seems whatever was wrong was still wrong using Firefox.  The only thing different was not playing on Firefox with the older version of the player like I did yesterday.  But then again, seems like that was good for one use only!!  LOL   I'm losing it!!