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    Crazy Render Speed varies wildly

    Soshman Level 1

      I have CS5 plus a new Machine from Magic Micro with top of the line everything

      Intel 3.33 980

      24gb ram

      gtx 480 hacked card

      SSD Drives etc.


      and most of the time this baby fly's


      But sometimes it runs worse than my 4 year old machine


      I just did a project that was 2.5 hours total


      I broke it down to a 1 hour project and a 1.5 hour project


      Same cameras...same intro same exit


      I render the 1.5 hour to MPEG-DVD

      and it renders it to .m2v in about 40 minutes


      I render the 1 hour to MPEG-DVD with the same save preset

      and 1 hour into rendering it says 2 hours left

      I cancel...check everything...do it again....it quickly goes back up to

      3 hours.

      I cancel...clear up some data offf the drive

      restart the computer.....try it again

      same thing!

      3 and 1/2 hours later it is almost done


      this is crazy!


      Any ideas?


      Once before i did this about 4 times and it seemed to catch

      and did one hour in 28 minutes perfectly.


      Is it possible my GPU might not be working?

      Is there a way to see if it is working while rendering?


      Any help is greatly appreciated






      Message was edited by: Soshman Ok i just edited the next video in the series which is 1.25 hours and it did it in 50 minutes then the next one 1.5 hours...i canceled the render after it kept going up after 7 hours i am trying a software render and testing it......background render is taking almost 1 hour to turn red lines green

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          Soshman Level 1

          Ok last render went over 7 hours and i cancelled it


          I tried a software render with a background render ( from red lines to green )


          took an hour....then went to render and it stayed arounf 3 hours and 40 minutes


          i cancelled it again...looked for a Driver for the 480 gtx...a new one called ION just came out 4 days ago

          downloaded and installed....tried the Mpeg-DVD export again using the same previews and checked use previews


          It is now rendering in the 1 hour 25 minute multicam 5 video track and 4 audio ...in less than 30 minutes


          Back to the amazing speed!


          Not sure what i did that made the difference


          ANY IDEAS?   I would like to know what you think may have happened??????



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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Run the PPBM5 Benchmark


            That way we can see if there is something wrong with your setup. Since nobody can see the complexity of your projects, nobody knows what format your source is, what effects, transitions or plug-ins were used, what your disk setup is, it is impossible to give any ideas.

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              Soshman Level 1

              Hello Harm!


              Thanks so much ...i am getting ready to run it.


              I know there is a report that lists all the stuff needed but cannot remember how to do it .


              As far as files i am using .m2t on one track and .m2ts on another from Sony NX5 and Z5u cameras


              Pretty well doing straight cuts on the multicam...short intro clip

              small .mov files for the lower thirds and text on top of that

              at end another short .mov file and some .wav music for 20 seconds

              A few cross desolves no more than 4 per timeline


              There was a lot of audio interference on the audio ...the secret service was there at thehotel as

              GW was there for the first day...not at even but hotel in Dallas. So i had to do various amounts of

              turning sound down on 1 frame from pops. etc.


              As far as audio i recorded one handheld opn the right channel and Lav on the left channel.

              then i copied it and put it on the track below...did a fill left and fill right.

              there is also another audio track with left and right that has a shotgun on each for back up audio

              this remains silent most of the time.


              I will run the benchmark and get the machine report as soon as i figure it out



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                Soshman Level 1

                Did the benchmark...but i am still confused about step 4


                and my queue started automatically


                Not sure if this infor is relavant


                on the MPEG-DVD it rendered in 18 seconds


                for the AVI it took forever 6:32 seconds

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  That can't be right. Follow the instructions to the letter.

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                    Soshman Level 1

                    Yes i am sure that something is wrong...sorry


                    I did follow to the letter.... step by step up to step 4 when i was seconds away from my queue rendering automatically.

                    I dont know enough about it to to stop it


                    Ill call a friend to help me through this and get back to it later

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                      ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                      When you ran the new driver did you select the auto option to remove previous versions?




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                        Soshman Level 1

                        @Eric   I am not sure but i think i had to...i seem to remember the software brining it up and me saying yes.

                                    But i wouldnt place a bet on it:-)



                        I have had a deadline so i had to keep crushing away


                        Some of the files took 4 + hours to render...which is crazy long for this machine

                        Others.1/2 hour longer took40 -  50 minutes


                        I did discover something the other day when removing the files from the SSD Drives to the

                        J drive which had a usb WD HDD on it


                        When moving some of the folders that had different kinds of files on it...it would go pretty fast and then just stop for a few minutes sometimes or longer

                        then the green line would go fast again and stop for a long time...when it started again it didnt move a long distance either but would change speeds.


                        Now this was similar to what was happening when rendering....and some of the original files within the project i kept in the WD external HDD


                        So i am beginning to wonder if the video files in the folder on the external Drive were causeing the big MPEG2-DVD files to take so long.


                        I also noticed that however many times the transfer stopped for each folder ....did correlate with the amount of video files in the folder.


                        So i did a test and moved the same folder between the 2tb raided Black Pearl WD Internal Drive and the SSD...and between the 128 SSD and the 256 SSD


                        and it was a smooth fast transfer with both


                        But between the external WD my Book and any other drive...it stopped.


                        My own final conclusion is that the Projects that rendered fast didnt have any video files on the External HDD....and the ones that took forever did have video files on them from the J Drive WD My Book External.


                        Does this sound right to anyone?  Or am i simplifying it too much?