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    AVCHD m2ts - no video, only audio imported


      Hi, I'm using Premiere Pro CS5.


      I have a m2ts AVCHD file. Using mediainfo it says that the format is BDAV (though windows propeties says AVCHD...same thing?) and VC-1 (which I believe is the codec). I didn't film it btw so I don't know anything else about it.


      When I import it into my premiere project it shows up as an audio file. The file in the imported list doesn't even have that video icon next to it but rather it has that speaker audio icon when clearly this is a video file. It's like the video is being recognised as an audio file. When I drag it onto the timeline there is only audio added!


      I've already tried many things using tsmuxer and mkvtoolnix but no matter what I still don't get any video. The last thing I want to do is to have to re-encode the video cause I don't want to lose any quality at all and it's all too time consuming. Could it be some kind of codec problem?


      Please, I need help. Thanks