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    Flash can not parse this document. - Tried everything: Searching online, Calling Adobe, Online Help


      I have tried everything in fixing this problem. I have searched online with no help. And Google does not fix everything.


      I have tried calling the phone number on the help site numerous times only to be uselessly helped once. I was on hold for a long time with each one only to be unsuccessful in fixing my problem.


      I tried submitting the form on the page when you sign in and 3 times so far I was told to go to this extremely unhelpful devnet, which was all the phone support told me to do which was no help, and they closed all of the support requests.


      Does anyone know how to fix these errors:

      Flash can not parse this document.
      An error occurred opening file '.fla'
      Failed to open document..fla.


      I have converted it to a zip and went through all the files and did not see any error. The only one I did was MobileSettings.xml, which is blank and a new CS5 made file is blank and gives the error as well.


      Does anyone know how to fix this?