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    Poor render quality


      Hey guys,


      to give you a bit of background info, I make wow pvp videos and someone recently commented on one of them stating that I need to investigate the way that i render videos as the quality is poor. After looking at some of his video's I saw that he can get a much clearer picture at lower resolutions than my 720p video's.


      At the moment i am recording from fraps at full screen, 29.97 fps. all of those settings are reflected in the sequence of my premier pro project. I am exporting the video's to the quicktime format (i think) the codec is h26. something or other -.-


      how should I be exporting my video? what settings during the export phase and should i be using a 3rd party program like quicktime pro? if so, how would I export the video if i were to use quicktime to do the encoding?


      I am happy with the way the project is going up until the encoding/export phase.


      Please help, any advice is greatly appreciated.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          FRAPS material comes up a couple of times per year.


          This older THREAD might have some tips that will be useful to you. Too bad that the OP pulled down the images used, as they were some neat flight-sim shots, and were good examples for the testing done.


          Hope that something helps,