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    My exported sequences have errors


      This is weird. I'm playing around with my video files and have exported a few sequences. The source files are in .MTS and .MPEG4 formats, and I exported them into .MPEG2 because it maintains the original dimensions that I shot in. Also, other formats I exported in would not play properly (very slow or blurry or grainy, perhaps my PC couldn't handle the quality). Anyway but now my problem is that with the exported MPEG2 files, they still have minor errors on them, basically that there is a skip (video/audio jumps by a few frames) in the sequence. I've played the exported file repeatedly and the skip is always at the same point so I know it's a part of the video and not just an issue with playback or my media player. Also, when I play the sequence in my timeline, there are no problems or skips in that portion of the sequence. So something went wrong during the export. I exported with the Encoder as well but that didn't make a difference.


      Has anyone ever encountered this? Hope someone can offer some help.