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    File 1414091852

    el muncho


      I upgraded from Elements 3 to Elements 9 when my old computer died on me.  All my files were stored on a second hard drive which crashed and burned and it was time to buy a new PC. Unfortunately when I try and open my old projects it asks for file 1414091852 which i can't locate on my old pc or backed up files.  Has anyone else seen this please?


      El muncho

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          nealeh Level 5

          I've not experienced it, but googling that number produces 287 hits - you may see an answer in one of those.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            El Muncho,


            Welcome to the forum.


            When you get that dialog screen, is the full message more like, "Where is file 1414091852.avi?" or a similar file format tacked onto the end?


            The file name looks like it might be a Render file, used in the Project for smoothest playback. If it is, it will be unique to your Project. If you can provide the exact and complete message, that will likely point us to exactly what PrE is looking for.


            As a test, Open that Project, and when that (and possibly some more to come) message comes up, if you have the option to Skip, do so, as many times as necessary. When done, does the Project Open? If so, do a Save_As, and add something like "test" to the file name, so that you do not overwrite the original PREL. Look closely at the Project. Do you see any Assets marked Media Offline?


            Now, if that IS just a Render file, the only change in the Project will be that some/all Clips will now have red lines above them, but one could just hit Enter to Render the Timeline for smoothest viewing.


            Good luck, and please report the exact message(s), and what happens with the test.



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              el muncho Level 1


              Thanks for the replies so far.  Tried Google before this but no joy.

              The question is purely "Where is the file 1414091852?" and nothing regarding an extension.

              So I tried the "Cancel" option and it opens the project. However, all the video is on an exotic looking red background with media offline written on in various languages. I tried pressing enter but nothing has happened.....

              Thanks again - any further ideas?

              El muncho

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                the_wine_snob Level 9
                The question is purely "Where is the file 1414091852?" and nothing regarding an extension.


                Are you on a Mac, or a PC?


                Mac's often do not show file extensions.


                Is this the Media Offline image that you get?



                When you get that message, do you have the option to Find that file?


                In Windows Explorer, or Finder on a Mac, if you do a Search for "1414091852" (without the " marks), do you have such a file on your system?


                In your Project Panel, do you see such a file listed?


                Good luck,



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                  el muncho Level 1

                  Yes - thanks!!  That is the image and I'm on a PC with Windows 7.  And when I look for the file, I can't find it anywhere, even in hidden folders.  It'll play MP3 files that I've built into the project - but the avi footage is the image you showed only.  EM

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    OK, is that file perhaps a Capture?


                    Have you Moved, Renamed or Deleted any files?


                    Any external, or optical devices that have been removed, such as a DVD used to Import the VOB, or an external HDD with some Assets on it?


                    In the Project Panel and on the Timeline, what is the name of the file that is showing Offline?


                    Can you step us through your workflow, and how you got your Video into PrE?


                    Good luck,



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      As a test, Open your PREL (the Project file) in Notepad, or Wordpad (will need to do All Files to see that .PREL file),and then do a Find on "1414091852" (without the " marks). You might need to do that several times, if it finds that character string. You should find a Path, say C:\My Documents\My Videos\1414091852, or similar. That was the Path for that file, when you last did a Save of the Project. What is that Path?


                      Do not Save that PREL from Notepad, or Wordpad, especially if you do any editing at all.


                      Good luck,



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                        el muncho Level 1

                        Okay - so a few things here. 

                        If I open the PREL file in Note     pad i find this string:  <StreamType>1414091852</StreamType> but I have no idea what this means!  Doesn't seem to be linked to a path though.  The 1414 part  only, also appears in <MasterClip ObjectRef="1414"/>


                        When my second hard drive died, I had my files backed up on an external hard drive, which I then transferred to my new computer.  I can't find this file on the external hard drive though.


                        All the files that are offline are avi files but the ptrl files are off too - although I can see them in Windows Explorer.


                        So, I took the film on a Mini DV camcorder, uploaded it via Firewire to the old PC (Windows XP) and then copied and pasted all the files onto my backup external hard drive.  When the old computer died I copied and pasted all the files onto my new PC hard drive.

                        Opening the files direct from the external hard drive doesn't seem to help either....


                        When I used PRE I just used the add media function to get the project going.


                        I haven't deleted or renamed anything knowingly.  Stuff may have been deleted when the hard drive was lost..



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          OK, so you had a HDD crash. My guess is that the recovered files are not complete, or are corrupted.


                          Last time that I had an HDD failure, I used Stellar-Phoenix file recovery, and got about 60% of my media files back. Just a guess, but I would say that your recovery was not complete.


                          Other than re-Capturing, and then manually replacing the damaged/missing files,you might not have many other choices.


                          That file name is going to be unique to your particular Project, and you will never be able to track that particular error, as it relates to your Project, and is not a PrE, or OS error.


                          Good luck,