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    weird lines in shapes?


      hi there - i don't know why this is happening but i been having this weird issue i can't seem to figure out.


      For example if i create a shape layer and i move it from 1 side of the screen to the next (i set the positions from left to right) at the final keyframe of the shape for example the rectangle theres a little red box type of thing outside the edge of the layer when i zoom in it looks like theres a little layer outside of the edge.


      see for example:


      the edge is sharp and nice but once i move its position its like theres another layer ontop of the edge? i then nudge it a few positions back and forth and it would dissapear? how do i stop this from happening?


      see attached of wat i mean:

      after moving the position its as if theres another layer at the edge of it?



      ^^^ that little red edge on the corner? but when i tweak it left to right it will come back to normal like below:



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          how do i stop this from happening?


          Work at 100% zoom and make sure to use full integer pixel values for everything. AE operates sub-pixel precise and working at higher zoom levels or using fractional values will cause things to end up "between pixels" and introduces additional antialiasing. that may not always be desirable...



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            sheezysbabyy Level 1

            Hi- thanks for the reply.


            When i zoom it to 100% it seems fine but a little edgy still?


            So are you saying that this is how it is? It's only like that cause the zoom leverl was in?




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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              You misunderstand. Of course when you zoom to 100% after the fact, nothing changes. You can then only numerically correct the values by revealing them in the timeline. Your shape might in fact already be at the correct position, but you may have made it 100.5 pixels wide or something like that, so the edges never align cleanly. It's always a combination of these things that causes mayhem. You may avoid the issues however by working at 100% in the future or smaller even. Other than that antialiasing is usually desirable, but if you still want to turn it off, you can set the layer to draft quality.



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                sheezysbabyy Level 1

                thank you for your help.. much appreciated! Also once i render this will that problem go away?


                As its just happening while im creating/ram previewing? (havent rendered as yet).

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                  Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Not necessarily.  What you're seeing is anti-aliasing, which occurs when a pixel's position falls in between two lines within your comp's resolution.  If the x position value of your layer is a whole number it will look clean, but if it's a fractional value, like 10.5, After Effects will antialias the edge, to compensate for the fact that the pixel is not truly at horizontal position 10 or 11.  This is further complicated when your layer is scaled.


                  This is an essential smoothing process in graphics rendering, but it pays to be conscious of it and use whole integer values when possible, as Mylenium explained.


                  What you're seeing in preview is typically what you will get when you render.

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                    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                    See this page for a further description of anti-aliasing and subpixel precision, as well as a way to turn it off.