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    Incompatibility between pre Win and Mac?


      I have used Premier Elements (pre) for many years on Windows, and have now bought pre 9 for Mac. But when I try to open one of my old Windows pre 8 projects with my Mac pre 9 I get an error message saying: Project is not compatible with current version of Premier Elements.



      Is this a generic problem or can i depend on project? Is there something I can do with all my Windows projects to make them compatible on my Mac?

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          nealeh Level 5

          Opening PRE projects with a newer version should, supposedly, work. In practice it invariably gives grief. The general rule is always edit with the version that created it. Obviously a problem as you are now on Mac where there wasn't a v8.


          You could export the Project from Windows V8 as a DV-AVI or QuickTime format file. But this wouldn't allow you to edit effects and transitions as these will be an inherent part of your output.


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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            You can not open a Windows project on the Mac version of the program. They are not cross-platform project files. Sorry.


            You'll need to finish the old project on your Windows machine, or output it in nearly-done format using Share/Computer/AVI with the DV preset and then import that video into a new Mac project and finish editing there.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              This is the way it is with an Encore Project - there is no X-platform support. This is due to the differences in the Sonic AuthorCore (the modules that Encore is built on - just like the authoring portion of PrE), between the PC and the Mac. I can only guess that this holds at least partially true with PrE, which has those modules for the production of a DVD/BD.


              In PrPro, which has not had internal authoring capabilities, since PrPro went X-platform again with CS3, there are few issues, so long as one has not used an Effect, or Transition, that does not exist on the other platform. Even then, PrPro will warn of that issue, and even tell you exactly where that Effect, or Transition was used. As the Sonic AuthorCore modules are now contained only in the separate program, Encore, that incompatibility is not a factor.


              Though PrE and PrPro probably share some code, and many concepts, I can only guess that it is the Sonic modules, that keep PrE from having X-platform compatibility. Thank you for confirming that incompatibility, as the above is merely my speculation, based on using the other Adobe programs.