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    i can't setting 480p rightly working in adobe premiere pro, need help please.



      i use premiere po and wish work in 480p (854x480).
      All my stuffs created and rendered (3d animation and images) are in this resolution format : 854x480

      In premiere pro, there is no 480p profil ! strange! why ?.. very disturbing !!

      Then i select the avchd 1280p and decided to change the parameters preview to 854x480 and save the profil :


      ps : What is red scared is what i don't manage to fixe or change !

      But, when i make my export video (export media) i saw big borders around my video !

      In fact, my content have been threated in 1280x480 instead of 854x480p even the right size of my sources files !
      Click here to see my workingspace :

      what can i do ? i can't offord me to work in 1280p at source and don't want to upscale my 3d media source (bad quality result in upscale x2)

      i check every setting screen, and there are several with 1280x720 i don't manage to change :


      any help please ?

      ps : sorry for me expression, i'm french in fact...