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    saving everything


      I had seen a help video, and now cant find or remember where i saw it. somthing about saving everything where premiere elements can find it i think can anyone direct me to that.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are you talking about archiving a project (saving the project file and all of its media clips)?


          The Project Archiver is under the File menu.

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            Rdeweil Level 1

            morning Steve, sorry I'm still new to this and I don't have all the lingo yet, I'm not sure what I mean I guess saving my work, to a file. anything ive done to that point of saving. I can tell you what's happening to me and maybe you could advise me. I seem to be saving things in all different places.

            I'm not even sure how i'm doing it. but I can tell right away if I continue like this it will be a very bad thing for me. so before I go any further maybe you could tell me how to set up a file where everything I could do inside of pe would get saved to a master and its sub folders so pe would know right where it all is folder kind of thing.

            PS, on the forums page I can not copy and paste, can I change this so I can?


            thank you.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Sorry, but you'll have to be a bit more specific about what you're doing -- and what you're trying to do -- in order for me to help you.


              If all you want to do is save your finished, edited project, you can save it as a DVD. Or, if you think you may want to use it again in Premiere Elements, you should use Share/Computer/AVI using the DV preset.


              Or, if you want to save the project file along with all of the media you used in it, you should use File/Project Archiver.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Here is my setup method, and it works fine for me.


                For each Project, I set up a folder for that Project (this also might be under a particular client, but within that structure, I will have the same sub-folders), and everything is in sub-folders:


                [Project Name]


                     Captures (if shot on miniDV tape)*





                     Finished AVIs

                     Finished AC3s


                I locate my Scratch Disks under that structure, as well, so the AutoSaves, Media Cache, etc., will all be in that structure.


                For ultimate performance, this is not ideal, but has the advantage of keeping everything together. ** When I am finished, I will use the Project Archiver to Copy over all used Assets, plus the PREL (Project file), to an external HDD for archiving. I will include all Assets in that Archive.


                During the editing, I do a series of Save_As, or Save_As_a_Copy, for the PREL, plus have the default AutoSaves set to 5, at at 5 min. intervals. This ARTICLE will give you more background on Save, in all of its forms, and why you might want to use one vs the others.


                * For all Assets, except for Captures from miniDV tape,which could be re-Captured, as I do not reuse tapes, I make a Copy, and place those Copies into the respective folders. The originals are safe on my NAS.


                ** For ultimate performance, one would separate things over several HDD's, so that the Videos & Captures would be on a separate HDD, and probably a RAID. The Audio would be on another HDD, and probably a RAID. The Exports would be on a separate HDD, and probably a RAID. However, then one must go to several locations to Delete a completed Project, and as I also migrate many Projects between computers, I could not do this. Normally, I use FW-800 externals to migrate. I give up some ultimate performance to keep everything together, and allow me to migrate the Projects between computers.


                Hope that this helps,