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    Capture crashes.

    bootsuk Level 1

      I have just started using Prem CS5 on a newly built system which seems stable in all respects. But Capturing using Premiere CS5 and a Black Magic card. (intensity Pro)  Not sure if the Black Magic Card is relevant as got freeze importing DV which does not use the B/Magic card.


      Capturing using the B/M card is worse though crashes after 1-2 secs up to about 12 minutes but the DV took about 50 min to stop.  Error for DV was "DV lost connection to device".


      Capturing via the B/M card using component sourced from a DVD player (not copyright material) will either totally crash the PC or at best the capture will just freeze.


      New systen build.

      EVGA M/B FTW3 X58, 24 gig ram,

      1 TB capture drive Raid,

      Gigabyte NVidea GTX 470 Graphics card with 1280MB.


      Not much else installed on machine to conflict.