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    Reader X (Windows): Text messed up in PDF files printed in duplex mode (HP Photosmart)

    Morac Level 1

      I have an HP Photosmart C410 series network printer. If I set the printer setup to duplex mode and print a PDF document with text using Adobe Reader X, the text is all screwed up.  If I turn duplex mode off, printed documents look fine and for some reason are still printed in duplex mode (which makes no sense to me).


      I'm using Windows XP SP3 and Adobe Reader X.  Any ideas on how to fix this without having to remember to turn off duplex mode when printing PDF files with Adobe Reader X?


      For example, here's two screen shots.  The top is the PDF file on my PC that I printed.  The bottom is the printed version (scanned back in to my PC) when printed in duplex mode.