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    Repeating colored background in Adobe CS5....why ????

    George D.D. Level 1

      OK, I have a very interesting question for you experts out there:


      After doing a blue-screen shot, I wanted to put just a flat color as the background and fade from one color to the next as the subject acts in front of the blue-screen.


      I made the colors in Adobe Photoshop using an old image and just painting it over with whatever color I want.  After making several, I went to add them as the background in Adobe CS5 and it worked fine.


      The problem I encountered is this:  When I put the first color background in (let's say brown), then I go to add another colored background from the same source file where I stored all the different backgrounds, it keeps bringing up the "brown" background again.  It says it's the "pink" background, but it shows brown and drags into the scene as brown.  No matter what I do, even putting the original brown background into a different source file, it keeps bringing up the brown one again and again.


      Very strange dilema, and I have no idea how to solve it.


      Do any of you guys know what the problem is?  Have any of you run into this kind of thing before?  Is there a solution?


      It can't be the computer or CS5 'cause they're both brand new, so it's obviously ME not knowing what the hell I'm doing......


      Thanks for any help and advise.