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    Is Peer-Assisted-Networking supposed to work for most modern home routers?




      I'm trying to build an app that would stream video p2p between more than 2 parties.


      I'm worried about the problem of NAT hole punching: Most of the users in my market are using home wifi routers (Linksys/DLink/Edimax/etc, that were manufactured  in 2006-2010). I'm wondering if they are capable of this whole NAT traversal and Cirrus server.

      I read about what kinds of NATs work with what kind of NATs and so on. But I really don't know what NATs were implemented in those routers and if these traversing options are turned on by default.


      So what I'm actually asking is - Are home users around the world are currently have a technology in their home that is set-up and capable of running Peer-Assisted-Networking apps? Or perhaps as soon as I'll launch my product I'll find out that most home users router configs just doesn't support it?